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Doreen Ashton Wagner
Doreen Ashton Wagner
19270 Concession Road 4,
Alexandria, Ontario
K0C 1A0

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What’s LOVE gotta do with business? If you're a Woman Entrepreneur, it’s got EVERYTHING to do with it! 

As a female business owner, chances are you think and behave differently than what traditional business education instructs people to do. Because, let's face it, women often face conflicting expectations from society, and from ourselves. 

Sometimes you may not feel authentic when you follow “normal business rules.” And this may be worse when your life partner -- spouse or "significant other" -- is involved with the business!

As a community, For Love And Business is here to support you as a business leader, wife and mother. So you can have a more rewarding  business and loving family experience. We know women often feel that tug-of-war between love and family, and their business. Our mission is to help you overcome turmoil and frustration. 

We host online and live events, bringing together women like you who are looking to make better decisions, feeling confident and inspired. 

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  • "Managing a web based business, much of my work is done behind a computer. Getting involved in The Brockville Women in Business has created connections with many amazing local women. As a member, each month I network and meet new people, new clients and enjoy fresh topics offered by guest speakers. This is truly a group that is authentically supporting one another and I'm proud of be part of it."

    Kelly Bateson
    Social Media Consulting

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