Supporting our community with integrity and respect.

The Executive Team 2018-2019

execteam2018From left to right: Amy Jacques (Communications), Jennifer Mann (Secretary), Tracy Typhair (Membership), Katrina Ostafichuk (President), Brenda Fisk (Treasurer), Christina Covey-Shannon (Logistics), Ashley Hill (Vice President), Sandra Colles (Past President)


Katrina Ostafichuk -President

Ashley Hill -Vice-President

Brenda Fisk -Treasurer

Jennifer Mann -Secretary

Tracy Typhair -Membership Chair

Amy Jacques -Communications Chair

Christina Covey-Shannon -Logistics Chair

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Praise From Our Members

  • "Managing a web based business, much of my work is done behind a computer. Getting involved in The Brockville Women in Business has created connections with many amazing local women. As a member, each month I network and meet new people, new clients and enjoy fresh topics offered by guest speakers. This is truly a group that is authentically supporting one another and I'm proud of be part of it."

    Kelly Bateson
    Social Media Consulting

Our Charity Partners