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May 2024 Meeting

BWB Luncheon - The Way We Work - with Joanna Self Love Wellness

21 May 2024

11:00 - 13:30 PM

1000 Islands Brewing Co, 65 King St W, Brockville, ON K6V 3P8, Canada

Mental Health is an extremely important topic. As women, we tend to put our needs aside in order to take care of those around us. We need to learn to put our needs first to ensure we are happy and healthy. We hope to provide a different view on the typical conversations of "self-care" and taking time for yourself.

We are excited to invite Joanna from Love Self Wellness to join us in May for Mental Health Month.

A word from Joanna. Hi, I'm Jo Lean, an Emotional Wellness Guide, Positive Psychology Practitioner Meditation Teacher, and DancingMindfulness Facilitator. As an Award Winning Corporate Event Planner, I used to hustle hard, was constantly stressed and overwhelmed by my to-do list, felt burned out to the point of illness, and was constantly trying to prove my worth through work. I went through a devastating demotion in 2017 which was a blessing in disguise. It alerted me to a life of unhappiness,auto-pilot and negativity. I also struggled to fit into the traditional corporate setting I was taught that emotions were not permitted in the workplace and that being my authentic self which is very empathetic, collaborative and compassionate was definitely not at all the way celebrated. In 2020, I took the leap of faith and pursued the entrepreneurial journey into wellness, hosting wellness webinars, guiding people through Positive Psychology, Meditation, and Mindfulness, and most recently introducing FlowClasses, Art Journaling, and Workshops. I discovered through embodiment and mindfulness practice show powerful it is to connect with my emotions and release what was no longer serving me. Through a variety of creative mindfulness and positive psychology approaches it has helped me to quiet my mind, reduce stress, connect with my emotions, release what was no longer serving me, and call in vibrant energy to help me thrive and not just survive. And I am excited to share the incredible insights and benefits to your community today!

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